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Baby led weaning is the new buzz word from Yummy Mummies...
If you have a young family or are thinking of having children the question of childcare is a big issue...
Sources have revealed the Governments plans for a radical review of support for children with special needs, flexi parental leave and faster adoptions...

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We are currently open for business, however, we have taken the decision not to send baby gifts at this time. Given that our gifts will be delivered to a vulnerable group in the population, new born babies, we have taken the decision NOT to dispatch orders at this time. We note that more and more online retailers are suspending their operations, if non-essential, to reduce pressure on front line delivery staff and we also support this approach. If you place an order today, we will dispatch it once things settle or once the lockdown has been lifted. We thank you for your co-operation at this time.

About Us

Rock - A - Bye - Baby Gift Boxes was taken over in 2012 by The Kiddie Company (UK) Ltd. A company owned and opperated by a number of partners who have considerable online retail experience & their aim is to develop Rock-A-Bye Baby Gift Boxes into a leading online brand, along with a number of other retail websites. With some 750,000 new born babies being born in the UK alone throughout 2012 the baby gift box business is something the investors and partners are keen to develop quite considerably. Rock A Bye Baby Gift Boxes now employs some 10 staff and are curently looking for new premises with which to grow.

Meet the team...

Lisa - AKA Little Miss Wise

Picture of Little Miss Wise

Lisa likes to think of herself as Little Miss Wise, the font of all knowledge. It is true that she likes to read incredibly dull books (101 Ideas For Mail Order Success) and it is also true that she was known as a boffin at school. However she would like it known that it is completely false that she likes dressing up as Little Miss Wise at weekends.

Ashley - AKA Mr Forgetful

Picture of Mr Forgetful

Ashley is the 'daddy' of the operation. He single-handedly manages an entire workforce, at least that is what we tell him. You know how men like to feel wanted! Ashley starts conversations but rarely finishes them. Ashley is the supervisor so the team generally get away with murder. If they do get caught 'misbehaving' you can bet Ashley will have forgotten all about punishing them in the blink of an eye.

Samantha - AKA Little Miss Chatterbox

Picture of Little Miss Chatterbox

Samantha is the baby of the bunch. Young at heart (and mind) she comes to work everyday with a bounce in her step and a song in her heart. She is a joy to work with (most of the time). There is that odd occasion where her constant inane chatter about everything and nothing grates on you so much that you either have to leave the room or strike her, but apart from that she is a joy as we said.

Florence - AKA Little Miss Dotty

Picture of Little Miss Dotty

Let's face it, we all know a Little Miss Dotty don't we? You know the kind that asks has anyone seen their glasses and they are on their head? Florence has a heart of gold and the mind of a gerbil. Fortunately she is not in charge of accounts or anything important! Sorry Florence. Florence does a brilliant job of researching new gift ideas, though Lord knows how many new products she has forgotten to tell us about!

Jason - AKA Mr Happy

Picture of Mr Happy

Jason is the 'fetcher and carrier'. If there is a box that needs moving, or a van that needs loading, he's your man. He has a constant stupid grin on his face brought about by looking at the world through rose coloured glasses. If you want to know about famine or the food mountain, Jason wouldn't have a clue, but ask him about 'Little Britain' and he'll have you in stitches for hours. Car crashes happen in his rear view mirror whilst he sings happily along to Queen. Clueless.