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Baby Talk

Baby's first means of communication is crying. Gradually they learn that when they cry their parents will react to them, and this helps to make them feel secure and loved.

As baby develops and starts to realize it can make other noises that its parents will respond to, the learning process begins. Talking to baby and responding to his/her cooing and gurgling helps to cement a lifelong bond. At this stage baby will start to mimic words, although you may not be able to understand what baby's saying.

Infants follow by example, and as you gradually name objects baby will associate the two and so the development of language begins. Talking and demonstrating helps baby's vocabulary grow, and although in the early stages words may become jumbled, quite often the infant knows exactly what he's saying.

Pictures are a great stimulant for a baby, and help them to associate a word with a particular picture. Looking through picture books encourages small children to appreciate the written word, and enables their brain to learn about life outside of their own home.

Encouraging baby to learn words is the first step to developing a child's love of reading.

During the course of the day talk to baby about what you're doing, and point out objects such as trees and flowers, cats and dogs, and say the words so that baby can form an association with all these things. Baby's brains are like a sponge and words heard day after day will quickly stay in the infant's mind.

Many babies respond to singing, and music often plays an important part in their mental development. Playing music and singing along with it is stimulating, even if your voice leaves a lot to be desired! Baby doesn't know the difference between a good singing voice and a terrible one, so enjoy the moment and watch the reaction.

If there is an older child in the house baby often learns words quickly that will get him/her what they want. Most babies are keen to walk and talk and once they are encouraged to be part of the family, they will learn new words every day.

By the time your baby is a year old he/she will be copying your expressions when you say particular words. Clapping hands with baby and showing him that he can do these things easily, develops an awareness of using both gestures, expressions and words together to make a point.

Everything you do is of interest to your child, so use his inquisitiveness to explain what you're doing. Baby is capable of understanding quite a few words even if he can't say them himself.

Sitting with a child reading a favorite story is one of the pleasures of being a parent. Reading helps children to develop their imagination and learning will become a joy not a chore. One of the greatest gifts you can give to a child apart from your love and affection is to nurture their love of the written word.

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