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Baby’s First Year

During the first few weeks of a baby's life a close bond normally develops between baby and parents. The baby's development is quite rapid, and within a couple of weeks your baby will start to show an interest in you and its surroundings. By six weeks many babies will start to smile and be responsive.

From six weeks onwards baby will become interested in its surroundings, and will start cooing and gurgling. That first sound is always an exciting moment and for most parents it signals the start of a fascinating journey as their child begins to observe and learn about the world about them.

Many new mothers are upset by their newborn crying, but it's important to understand that in its first few months a baby has only one way of drawing attention to itself, and that's by crying. If they're hungry, uncomfortable or just in need of company, they will cry. Normal crying is not bad for a baby, and gradually as they grow and become more able to amuse themselves, the crying periods will become less.

A baby who cries to excess is usually trying to tell you something is wrong, and that's when it's advisable to seek expert help and advice. However, excessive crying in itself may not necessarily be a sign of illness. Some babies cry more than others, and so it's always best to get it checked out.

By four months you'll notice your baby will start to explore his/her hands and feet, and can hold a toy for short periods of time. Babies love objects that move, and by this age will become interested in everything around that moves or makes a noise. Some babies hate loud noises, and will soon let you know if they are displeased with anything around them which they find frightening or dislike.

Babies love routine and having a proper bedtime ensures that a baby sleeps well throughout the night. Bedtime should be a peaceful and happy time. Quietly feeding, cleaning and cuddling will help to settle baby more easily and hopefully give you a good night's rest. This may not happen overnight, but persisting with a regular routine will give the baby stability.

Playing with your baby is important, but it's also a good idea to socialize the infant with other mothers and babies. Learning to recognize and share with other children is an essential part of a baby's learning curve.

As the first year of baby's life approaches, he/she will be moving around the floor, trying to crawl, reaching out for objects of interest, and stand holding on to something for short periods of time. Suddenly your baby is trying to talk, albeit in its own particular language, and will be able to understand words such ‘no' even if he/she doesn't intend to take any notice!

Each baby's development is different, and so as an anxious mother you should never compare your baby's development against another. Just be glad your baby is happy and enjoying the world around it.

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