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Baby’s on the Move

By seven months many babies are moving around the floor, either by rolling themselves to a desired object, or shuffling along on their bottoms. Some babies start to learn to crawl at around this time but many don't start to move until they are slightly older.

All baby's develop at a different rate, and whereas some baby's will be ‘on the move' at a very early age, others may be content to just sit and play. This doesn't mean the infant is backward or there's something wrong.

Once baby can sit up on his/her own without falling over, then the confidence builds and either by rolling, shuffling along on the bottom or rocking to and fro baby learns how to move from one spot to another. By about nine months baby's arms and legs are becoming stronger and they realize that by bringing their knees up underneath their bodies they can propel themselves across the floor. Parents can encourage their baby to lie on his tummy helping to strengthen the neck muscles and pave the way for crawling.

There will often be much frustration at this time as baby's efforts are not always successful, but eventually they master the art of movement and start to move surprisingly swiftly across the floor.

The next step in their development is learning how to use an object to pull their body up from the floor and stand. By holding on to whatever is to hand, a baby will then learn to move from object to object around a room. Walking is then within their grasp, and it's incredible just how quickly the transformation can occur.

Always stay with baby during these stages of development, as there are many dangers lurking in your home. Once on the move be aware of all the potential hazards he/she could encounter. Stairs, cupboards which contain poisonous bottles, sharp corners on coffee tables etc., should all be removed or put out of baby's reach.

Babies are naturally curious and it's up to the parent to teach them what is allowed. Saying ‘no' and diverting baby's attention can be tiring and sometimes very frustrating, but it's worth all the effort in the long run. Teaching baby the house rules is extremely important and will make them feel secure and loved.  Make sure baby understands that ‘no' means ‘no', and never deviate from this as baby will quickly come to realize that ‘no' doesn't always mean ‘no'.

By the time babies reach the end of their first year they are normally mobile either by crawling or taking tentative steps. If baby is showing no signs of wanting to move around it may be advisable to seek medical advice. However, do remember the rate of development in babies varies considerably. In particular premature babies may take longer to reach certain goals.

The mental and physical development of a baby is an exciting time for both baby and parents. It's a time when you can help to develop your child's curiosity making every day a learning curve.

Written for Rock-a-Bye-Baby Gifts, selling babies gifts.

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