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Coping With Twins

About one in eighty pregnancies result in giving birth to twins, and this has become more prevalent since the introduction of IVF. The prospect of giving birth and coping with twins can be daunting but help is available through your doctor and health clinics.

It is not a foregone conclusion that because you're expecting twins they will be born prematurely; many mothers go full term. If the babies are premature they may have to be in incubators for a short time until they become stronger. However, with the medical help that's available today, most babies survive and go on to live normal healthy lives.

Once you've brought your babies home one of the questions most commonly asked is will I be able to breast feed both my babies? Your body will naturally produce enough milk for both your babies, and providing you position them correctly whilst feeding, it should not be a problem.

It is extremely important that you maintain a healthy diet, as you're going to need to provide milk with all the essential vitamins and minerals your babies need. 

A good routine is essential, and babies quickly learn the times you spend feeding, washing and cuddling them. Once you've established times you'll find it easier to get through your day. At this stage many other things have to be neglected, but it's only temporary, and the health and happiness of your babies must take prior importance.

As the twins grow you'll notice they seem to communicate with each other. This is the case whether they're identical or not. They have a language of their own which often continues even when they can speak properly.

Giving each twin the same amount of time, love and affection, will overcome any problems of jealousy. This is a daunting task for busy mums and dads, but by dividing the workload and accepting help when it's offered can make the early days manageable.

There's often rivalry between twins, and there is a tendency to try to out-do one another which is perfectly normal but must be corrected. One twin will try to divert attention away from his sibling by being naughty, and this should be dealt with in the same way as you would any other bad behavior. If it persists then temporarily separating them will help to calm down the situation.

Most parents feel exhausted during the first few months and having two babies obviously makes life harder. There are lots of organizations eager to help and it's in everyone's interest that you take advantage of their advice and physical hands on approach.

As with all babies twins may be completely different in temperament and in the speed with which they learn, talk and move. Although they will copy each other it doesn't necessarily mean that they will both develop at exactly the same pace. The important thing is that both babies receive the same amount of attention. Time spent talking, playing and discovering new things will be time well spent.

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