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Message Ideas for Gift Cards

If you're suffering from writer's block, or just need a little inspiration, here are some standard messages that we see regularly being inserted into our baby gift cards.

Congratulations on your new arrival.

Congratulations!  Now you are a family.

We are so excited for you both and wish you all the best for the future!  Can't wait to meet her/him!  

Congratulations on the new little bundle of joy, and wishing you much happiness in the years ahead!  

She/He is here at last!  Congratulations on the safe arrival of xxxxxxxxx.  With love from .........

Congratulations on the birth of ........  With best wishes from all at ...........

A baby is special, a baby is fun congratulations on your new little one!

Of all the blessings God sends from above, the one most precious is a new baby to love. 

Get ready for years of excitement and fun with your wonderful new little son! Congratulations!  

A Baby Boy - He's your first smile in the morning, and your last smile in the evening. And then again at 2 a.m.! Congratulations!  

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails - That's what little boys are made of. Congratulations!  

Congratulations! You've gained a daughter - and lost a bathroom.  

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of. Congratulations!  

May love surround you every day as you take your first steps along your way. Welcome, Baby Girl!  

Poems for Baby Gift Cards

Here are some ideas of a poem's provided by New baby Gift Boxes & New Baby Gift Baskets

Inserting one of these baby poems into a card will show that you've put real thought into the message.

Ten tiny fingers, that always want to play,
That never stop exploring that wonder of today,
Ten tiny fingers, that from the very start,
Will reach out for tomorrow yet always hold your heart. 

No earthly joys could bring more pleasure.
Than a little child to love and treasure. 

Babies are Angels that fly to the earth,
Their wings disappear at the time of their birth
One look in their eyes and we're never the same
They're part of us now and that part has a name
That part is your heart and a bond that won't sever
Our Babies are Angels, we love them forever. 

Precious one,
So small, So sweet
Dancing in on angel feet
Straight from Heaven's brightest star
What a miracle you are! 

A precious treasure to call your own
Bringing love and joy into your home. 

There is nothing more precious
Than the miracle of life
You change into a mother
While still being a wife
Your husband becomes a father
With his (son) (daughter) on his knee
There is nothing more rewarding
This is how it's meant to be.
A child completes a family
And there's nothing more to say
Except to send you wishes
Of joy and laughter every day. 

A little bit of heaven
Drifted down from above
A handful of happiness,
A heartful of love.
The mystery of life,
So sacred and sweet
The giver of joy
So deep and complete.
Precious and priceless,
So lovable, too
The world's sweetest miracle,
Baby boy, is you.