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Newborn Baby Gift Basket - Fun To Create


If a friend or a family member is expecting a baby, celebrate in style with a newborn baby gift basket. Baby gift baskets come in varying shapes and sizes, and can be filled with a number of goodies. The good thing about newborn baby gift baskets is that you can create your own basket. This means you can add a very personal touch to the basket, and place items in the basket that the new parents will love.

Before you set out to make your own baby basket, the first thing to do is to find out information regarding the baby. What gender is the baby? Are the couple expecting twins? What name have they decided on? Finding out the gender in particular is very important. Baby clothes often come in specific colours with pink for girls and blue for boys. Before purchasing any clothes for your baby gift basket  make sure you know the gender; buying pink clothes for a male child may cause offense to the new parents! If you cannot establish the gender of the baby, then the best thing to do is to stick to neutral colours like white.

When it comes to creating your own baby baskets, the first thing you will need is a basket! Make sure you invest in a beautiful wicker basket as they are traditional for baby gifts. Be creative with the type of gifts you place in your basket. Instead of buying normal baby clothes, why not buy personalised clothes? You can buy a set of baby clothes and have the baby's name or date of birth beautifully embroidered across the front. You can do the same for towels, bibs, hats etc. The personal touch will ensure that your gift is appreciated and remembered.

In addition to clothes fill your basket with loads of goodies. From story books for when the child is a little older to rattles, lullaby CD'S and shampoos/lotions. Fill your basket up appropriately, so heavier items should be at the bottom with lighter, more flimsy items near the top. To complete your personal baby gift basket add a little bonus for mummy. A box of luxurious chocolates and a bouquet of flowers will add a delightful finish to your basket. Finally, wrap up the whole package in a lovely bow tie and present it to the new parents!

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