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Coping With the Baby Blues


Baby Blues is a term given to the emotions felt by most women shortly after giving birth.  It is said that approximately 50% of women suffer with the Baby Blues and it is completely normal.

The Baby Blues are caused by hormonal changes in your body.  For 9 months your body has been awash with pregnancy hormones and, 2 to 4 days after the birth of your bundle of joy, these hormones start to leave your body.  There are new physical demands to meet after the massive exertion of birth.  You have a new life to care for, somebody that is entirely dependent on you for life.  This can be incredibly overwhelming.  If you are a first time mum, caring for a newborn baby can be particularly scary.  You are also likely to be physically and mentally exhausted having had very little sleep.  You will feel weepy, tired and overwhelmed.

You may feel, in the first few days, that these feelings of inadequacy will last forever, but rest assured they should only last a few days. 

Family and friends can assist you during these emotional days.  They need to reassure you that these feelings are completely normal and to be expected.  They can also help by doing the following;

  • If lack of sleep is a problem, take the newborn baby off your hands for a couple of hours to let you catch up.
  • Cook some meals that can be refrigerated to be re-heated when needed.
  • Assist with any baby related problems you may have, eg: Is this normal?
  • Reassure you that you are doing a fabulous job
  • Help you be more organised
  • Keep visitors to a minimum

It is important to recognise the difference between Baby Blues and post natal depression.  One will go away without treatment and one will not.  If you still feel down a month or two after the birth then you may be suffering with post natal depression and should chat with your health visitor or doctor. 

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