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Newborn Gift Retailer Launches Dads' Range


On line retailer Baby Shower Host is now offering newborn gifts for dads as well as mums.

By James Tweedie

The family-run baby gift firm, which is based in Bradford On Avon in Wiltshire, wants to dispel the myth that only expectant mums should be a part of baby showers - an American newborn gift-giving tradition that is catching on in Britain.

The new range of gifts for new fathers is themed around celebrating the special occasion and is designed to cater for a variety of styles and tastes.

It includes books such as‘The Hungry Caterpillar Boxed Baby Record Book', ‘The Bloke's Guide to Pregnancy' and ‘You're the Daddy', as well as cuff links decorated with phrases such as ‘Bump Creator,' ‘Love from your Little Angel,' and ‘Who's the Daddy?'.

Also available are golfing gifts including marker sets, golf balls and even a personalised golf ball, which can be customised with a short message on the back.

Baby Shower Host co-owner Leena Jacobs said: "This range of fantastic gifts for new dads will delight many fathers-to-be, by giving them something practical and fun.

"It is easy for men to feel left out during pregnancy," she added, "as most of the attention, understandably, is on the mother, and this can continue when people are celebrating the new arrival.

"This is a shame," said Ms Jacobs, "as it is an equally monumental change for the father, too.

"By giving these baby shower gifts to new dads, people can show that they have not forgotten them, and the gifts themselves will serve as treasured reminders of a fantastic time in their lives."

Leena Jacobs and her husband John explained that were introduced to the baby shower concept whilst travelling abroad. Leena was pregnant with their first child and a close family friend threw a baby shower party for the couple.

They found the experience so enjoyable and endearing that they decided to spread the word on their return home.

Baby Shower Host has grown very quickly since its founding in 2005, and provides everything needed to host the ultimate baby shower.

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